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Jesus Christ Of Nazareth

Christ The Lord

Rock Of All Ages

Balm Of Gilead

Root Of David

Offspring Of David

Rose Of Sharon

Lilly Of The Valley

The Image Of The Invisible God

The Firstborn Over All Creation

The Firstborn From The Dead

Only Begotten Son Of The Living God

The Good Shepherd

The Way

The Truth

The Life

The Resurrection

The King Of The Jews

The King Of Israel

Last Adam

The Light Of The World

Head Of The Church

I Am

The First

The Last

The Alpha

The Omega

The Beginning

The End

The God-Man

God The Son

The High Priest



King Of kings

Lord Of lords

Lord Of All

Lord Of Heaven And Earth

The Lamb Of God

The Lord Of Sabbath

Ancient Of Days

The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah

Son Of David

Son Of God

Son Of The Living God

Son Of The Most High God

Son Of Man

The Comming Soon King

The Mighty God

The Everlasting Father

Prince Of Peace

The Sun Of Righteousness



Holy One

Anointed One

Savior Of Souls

Sovereign Creator

Sovereign Sustainer

Word Of God

The Second Person Of The Holy Trinity

The Second Person Of The Blessed Trinity


Wonderful Counselor

Bright Morning Star



Our Lord

Our God

Our Savior